Canuck hide faqs

At Canuck Hide, we take customer service seriously. When purchasing an item that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and be passed down through generations, it is completely understandable that you may have questions or would like to return or exchange a product. We are more than happy to assist you along the way. We want you to be in love with your leather product. However, if you want to exchange the item, we completely understand, simply mail your item back in brand-new condition, unused, and shipped within 30 days of your original purchase. Please allow 3-5 business days to process a refund once the item has been received. Kindly contact us before shipping back your products, so a member of our team can guide you through the simple next steps! Please keep in mind that postage will be charged if replacement and items damaged by the customer cannot be returned or exchanged.

The leather used at Canuck Hide is very special, as it comes from the food industry. Once you receive our product, you will instantly realize how soft and lightweight it is. Not only that, but it is highly durable as well. As a result, we can create beautiful leather products with no extra seams, cardboard, or plastic – which are guaranteed to last you a lifetime!

Our company does not offer customization as part of our business strategy. We have chosen to focus on standard products/services to maintain efficiency, streamline operations, and provide consistent quality to all our customers. While customization can enhance personalization, it may not align with our current business model.

We believe in products that stand out in the crowd. As a result, the beautifully handcrafted leather we produce is free from any defects, artificial coloring, or unwanted processing – it’s just natural! Due to this, as a customer, once you start using one of our products, over time you will notice how the leather will change its appearance to a more mature and aged look. This aging of the leather, not only makes it more flexible but also toughens it up. Due to this natural property of leather used, our products are not only waterproof but also dustproof and can withstand rough usage as well. If for any reason you notice that the leather breaks or you experience any kind of hardware-related issue, Contact Us, and our craftsmen will repair it or we will replace it depending on the issue. That’s our one-year promise!

Since the emergence of counterfeit products is increasing, the quality, longevity, and fairness in trade are decreasing. When we first started Hides, we made sure to make use of the best leather craftsmen in the world. Our manufacturers have been in the leather-making business for the past 35 years, using German machinery, high-grade textile threads, and hand-finished leather hides. Our team of leather craftsmen is one of the best in the world and is hand-picked to create amazing products that only get better with age. All of our products are based out of Winnipeg, Canada.


No! All our orders are shipped only within Canada and USA via Courier Service, and they all come with a tracking number and an estimated time of delivery